Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving Forward!

So I said last time that I needed to shift gears into drive so God could steer my life. It’s been a slow and thoughtful process but I did start rolling! I also said that I felt I faced a bunch of closed doors that I would need to open. Well, God beat me to it! I continued to sit and pray about which doors to open and found God opening a couple for me.

The first door was my family. I love them more than anything else in the world. I’ve prayed many prayers for them and without going into too many details; God opened an opportunity for me to lead the family devotions once a week. I have been wanting to ask but wasn’t sure it was my place. My mom came to me and asked me! I haven’t started yet but will as soon as we finish the study we already do weekly.

The next door was leading a Bible Study for people my age or younger. This is something I have been praying about and my youth pastor asked me if I wanted to help his daughter lead a college group. This was close enough!

The last door so far was something I finally asked for. I called a lady my mom knows because she does respite care for people. It turned out that she is opening a new business and needs help! God's timing for this job worked out perfect! I was hired on Friday and will start Tuesday! I will get to work with both the kids and adults and for that I am very excited!

With all the recent commitments I’ve made with my family, church, and job it looks like I will be staying in Williams for a while. I am excited about being able to stay with my family and help my mom out. I’m still looking at getting my own house but that will probably be further down the road. God is truly an amazing God!

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